Friday, 15 June 2012

Dear all

Today it is day of shame for all of us in Gujarat. A magazine publised on behest of the Goverment of Gujarat as part of the sarva siksha abyam scheme, was filled with vulger jokes. First of all the universities and schools in Gujarat is far below the national standards, with sub standard teachers guided by some elite trustees whos only qualification is that they have pots of money to build big campuses.
See the mushrooming of Engineering and MBA colleges here with inferious facility and faculty. Guys and gals here seems interested only for a degree for a social status related to marriage or business. Intellectualism is far below normal.
It is high time that the goverment be serious enough to bring in good quality faculty and standards in its State and private managed institutions. I conclude by a joke in the children's book where a lady is asked that she has a 4 yesr old child inspite of her husband dying 9 years before, to which the lady says , that she is still living. Hahaha let the kids laugh


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