Monday, 11 June 2012

Dear readers

The refusal of Supreme court, to stay the order of the Andhra Pradesh High court on the 3.5% sub quota was a matter of interesting reading today; I was remembering the Mandal commissioning agitation of 80s where the students in Delhi took the issue  to the streets and one Goswami who self immolated.( he died later due to some other reason)

Our solicitor general argued in the court that the delay in implementation of the sub quote will jeopardise the future of 350 IIT aspirants  selected within this quota. Those sentiments were pooh-poohed  by  the learned judges. At last i read a good news in the new paper which I was waiting for long , as I always read reports on accidents , robberies  and corruption to fill the  platter during my breakfast reading of news papers.

An interesting article in the Editorial column of the times of India’’ s Ahmadabad edition is  worth reading on this topic for  the day. Also thanks to the SC judges who stayed the order and let Goswami’s soul rest in peace . For me the judgement gives hope as  chances of my daughter getting into an IIT is not further beaked: good day:

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