Monday, 10 September 2012

Dear all

Cricket years ago were an English Winter game, which has now become frenzy in the Indian sub continent. Today cricket is available even the remotest slums of India, and most of the cricket enthusiasts are rural youth. See the transformation. Once upon a time this game was a middle class status quo. Remember the seventies when Test cricket was played, and it was a status symbol for the lambretta scooter owning Indians to carry the hand held transistor and cheer Gavaskar’s boundary or kapildev’s wicket. Cricket has changed a lot since then, with one day matches every day, twenty twenty matches, IPL , Under 19 matches, what not to say, it is today a big business and Industry with a mix of corruption, media frenzy and glamour.

It is in this era when most of the majority Indian youth- a young Indian nation- welcomes Sachin Tendulkar to the cricketing arena. Each of his sixes and centuries bought gold not only to him but also to the hullaballoo of cricketing fraternity, commentators ranging from MBAs, models and past cricketers , sizzling cheer leaders, and to all Pepsees and Collas of this nation. Sachin was made to be the symbol of identity prestige and nationhood on which money flowed. In short a young sport man who only better than his compatriots becomes “ God of Cricket”’ with Bharat Ratna in the waiting..

At a time when he is miserably struggling to continue as a fictitious God of the game, no ‘’kars”’ (Read Gavaskar , majrekars etc) are telling him to retire peacefully in fame and continue to wear the GOD crown, before it further tumbles down, a la they did with Rahul Dravid and VVS Laksman, the moment they went out of form.

It is time now to move on and search for a new God to continue the cricketing mazala.



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