Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dear all

Robert Vadera, a nice name to remember is not only a lucky guy but also intelligent. He stuck a deal with DLF and the Haryana government and made bucks. An opportunistic politician found the right time to make it public and launch his party. A humble IAS officer who was the Inspector general of land registration orders and enquiry and he is fired. Don’t you see this tamasha  enacted daily in our national television.  Sometimes I think that are these events a one off event seen during the congress rule or are they a regular one  and part of our socio-political system. The answer is that ,  when there is media freedom and upheaval, these issues gets our attention, but otherwise also it exists. Our country has hundreds of Robert vaderas , but this particular chap is targeted as he is from the ruling family  and a oportunistic and startegic political target.

The issue here is not about catching a thief but about stopping robbery. It is about attitudes and ethics of political and corporate governance, rather than a single event. We debate this a lot, get tired and then go to sleep with out arriving at a solution. When it is unbearable people go to the street and get violent. When our babas started speaking on Lokpal we thought that it would be a solution and we all cheered the movement , but that missile too have now lost its trajectory.

Well we need to now think laterally to an alternate system of governance which iam recommending for a national debate.

1 The political party based elections should be banned. Instead the cabinet should be directly elected by the people of India with sweeping powers. Any citizen of India can be a candidate to be a cabinet minister. The elected cabinet ministers will choose a prime minister or the chief minister as the case may be.

2 Economic offences should invite life imprisonment or death penalty.

3 A special court should be set up parallel to the civil/criminal courts which handles only economic offence .


These ideas may seem queer, but just try it and see the difference. Your thougts please..


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