Friday, 26 October 2012

Dear all

So in the congress v/s BJP 20:20 match with Salman Khurshid and Robert vadera on one side , and Nitin Gadkari on the other side, the first wicket has fallen. It is heard that Nitin Gadkari has offered to resign as the BJP president.

The issue of Mr Gadkari’s firm linked to a massive web of virtual companies and the multitier flow of capital tantamount to money laundering, which is a serious international crime. While the basic question of who funded these fictitious companies and how is Mr Gadkari linked to it is now left to investigation: However the much larger issues are how the investigating arms of the ministry of finance, RBI and ministry of company affairs were not able to track this money flow, if at all it has taken place. Secondly, if this is true, Why and How the BJP and RSS not know about it, but only started defending their leader without an investigation .

Now if at all the allegation is true, then credentials of both the government agencies as well as BJP/RSS combine are in question. The whole issue of probity and offer to resign has come at a stage when the pressure of the facts has come up to Mr Gadkari’s shoulders.

For the BJP on one side they are unable to resolve the leadership issues in the party, and on the other side they show a lack of competence in taking an alternate economic stance in the current economic scene and policy initiatives (read FDI). At this juncture the Gadkari issue is a major challenge and I think BJP is answerable to the nation prior to dreaming a victory in the 2014 elections:

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