Monday, 5 November 2012

Dear all

Political rhetoric hitherto was confined to politicians. It is strange or may be an emerging fashion now that people who are not only unrelated to politics but also regarded as part of India’s respected intelligentsia do politicking .

Yes I mean the utterly shameful behaviour of Mr Girish Karnad who is (was)  regarded as a cultural icon to have spoken on V S Naipaul’s writings on  Muslims in a derogatory manner in the Mumbai Literary festival, and that too at an invited ceremony called for facilitating Mr Naipaul. It is true that Naipaul’s books is extremely critical of the Muslim invaders that plundered India in the middle ages. However these   are his views as a writer, irrespective of whether it is right or wrong. If Mr Karnad has his counter views as a writer himself he can use his own words as swords of retribution in a mature literary creation. Instead being so disgraceful has only resulted in erosion of his long built credentials. It is a shame for a person of his repute, who is a Padmabhushan to have stooped to such low levels. Strangely he appears to have no regret and stands by his words.

V S Naipaul has won Nobel Prize in literature and he is respected as great writer. In his facilitation function Mr Karnad has no business to talk in this manner.

I can’t understand whether it is allergy felt by Karnadji for the nobel tag of Naipaul or has he played to the fence as like any politician eyeing the Muslim votes in India . Only time will say.


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