Saturday, 2 February 2013

Your Feedbacks:

Dear Readers

Making up this blog was not pre planned nor my idea , but was a suggestion given by an old time college mate, who used to call me Sanyasi.  She once told me, ''whatever you blabbered should be written down and there would be many ''hapless'' souls out there in Internet space , patient enough like me to listen to you" ....

Three months back when i started writing in this blog with a Pseudonym called Sanyasi , I didn’t expect that in this vast and growing domain called social media I would get such encouragement and accolades from both known and unknown friends spread over 12 countries .

As per statistics provided by Google-Blogspot , this blog has crossed 1000 hits and as I pass this milestone, many thanks to all of you who read and appreciated my views .

I intent to take up this initiative to the next level by giving a visual identify to ''Sanyasi" and create a characterization of this  Pseudonym , there by distance my individual persona away from the character itself.
 ''Sanyasi"' is envisaged to be a wandering monk unattached to persons, party , policies or issues but would put up his views in an unbiased and fearless manner with metaphors, humour and sarcasm with the only objective of making his disciples (readers) think in a different way.

While a competent designer is working on this initiative , I solicit your views and feedbacks .

You can write to me in my gmail id (

Once more thanking you

Rajesh Menon


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