Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Road accidents: 10 earthquake equivalents in India

Dear all

The callous attitude shown by society to accident victims were amply demonstrated when a family in a two wheeler was hit by a speeding truck in Jaipur on 16th April. The man lost his wife and daughter while he was yelling to the passer-by’s and vehicles for an hour to save his kin. The whole incident was captured by a CCTV camera and shown in the media. It should be recalled that there is a high court judgement which protects the passer-by from police or court harassment, but in spite of this the social insensitivity was  seen in the open.

Lakhs of people die every year in India alone due to road accidents and this is a continuous catastrophe  in this country . We are in fact faced with the death toll of 10 earth quakes a year on  a continuous basis. Lack of driving sense and culture is the single reason for this malady which is high time to be rectified by strict action. An immediate public sensitivity program should be initiated by the government and the civil society both at the schools and organizational levels. This should be followed by strict vigilance on the roads. Gujarat is far better in this regard than other states with the 108 EMRI service available on phone call. Similar quick response teams and mechanism should be implemented with no room for intolerance.

The ministry of Road transport and the traffic department conducts numerous programs on road safety weeks , but all this programs has not found any effect as the public participation and practice is not enforced. It is easy in this country to break rules and pay the local police and escape, and off late only major cases of media intervention has found remedial action, making our safety management  systems continue its death journey


SAMPARK -Integrating Ideas - A fourm for history, Oral history and communication said...

causalities either through natural calamities or accidents have become synonymous and interconnected. Both needs to be resolved and addressed by humans. There is no god's hand involved in either of these cases.

Arun Gautam said...

The sensitivity has diminished significantly... A true point is discussed in the blog that sensitivity has to be created right at the grass root level....Right from school, college, work place and everywhere in our life day in and day out. Instead of sweating out for every opportunity only to maximize individual gains, time has come when we have to refer back to our culture, our ethos and principles of vasudhev kutumbakam... This seems to be the only way when everything is getting costlier ... Thx to corruption... and everyone is so much engrossed to think only about oneself that Common Good of all has lost its value...I take this opportunity to certainly take an oath to start transformation with myself...