Thursday, 5 December 2013

Media Trails and Intelectual masturbations:

Dear all

Many years before mainly after the Prasar Bharati act and the liberalization of media, India witnessed,  reverberation of our fifth estate. In exposing corruption and building up of public opinion, our media performed a stupendous task. Its role in building up public opinion did have a positive effect on our public policy. However somehow on this route something foul is taking place. Our Supreme Court have smelled the rot and have asked the state government on how much an Investigating officer should brief media on a criminal case and has asked for a report on this.
Let us take the most recent cases. Notwithstanding the fact that Tarun Tejpal was alleged to have attempted to violate the modesty of a junior colleague, the media houses was on a continuous tirade against the magazine tehelka and its management. In our national media we could see a crusade of self-interest. An opportunity for rival media houses to pounce on the fallen hero, and a smooth revenge for a political party to settle their scores. The victimized journalist’s molestation cry is far heard than the brutal rape and murder of a north eastern women .Similarly an intern files complain on her superior judge for sexual harassment after 11 months giving the  right opportunity for the vested interest to malign the credentials of an honorable judge who was critical about some political party. The trial and judgment is already done by the media. 

Media trails, character assassination and defamation has now become the order of the day among the elite in India. They are teaching the rest of the world the wonderful art of mud-slinging. In an election year this also acts as cannon fodder to political rivals in settling scores.
 India’s public discourses have become a farce with any bedroom news worth a sensation becoming national debates. Our media selected intelligentsia is seen daily blabbering on gender and women’s right while ordinary women flock still  out there  suffering with the social evils of dowry death , female infanticide and malnutrition . Our High net worth Intellectuals opine and tweet their egos and is well cashed by the media and its cronies.
At a time when India need to set a social and economic agenda for its future, this media masala has stooped into an intellectual masturbation giving  only them a one sided pleasure  but making us the audience puke:

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