Saturday, 17 May 2014

Victory of Hope over Fear: The NaMo effect

Dear All

In one of my messages in this blog, I did write about Narendra Modi, as the choiceless choice. The verdict of election 2014 vindicates this fact making NaMo the 14th Prime Minister of India. Well it is for the historians of contemporary times to judge on this traverse in our political landscape, but , I would like to discuss on a key element of this NaMo movement.

At a time when the aftershocks from the recession and Lehman crisis made the average American blink at a bleak future , a leader emerged with HOPE, with a clarion call of WE CAN. Similarly in India on the back drop of a series of scams and economic slowdown, a leader emerges with HOPE with his clarion call ‘’ Ache din anewale he (Good times to come...). On the contrary the congress leadership embarked on FEAR as the theme. The fear of an iconoclast in power.  A young and vibrant India chooses HOPE over FEAR. Its History now, Narendra Modi, as I wrote before, is proved to be the choice less choice.

Finally what is leadership all about? It is nothing about HOPE and TRUST. When he said, good times to come and ‘’ Mere uper Bharosa rakho” (Have trust in me), as like any leaders of the yesteryear's he was giving Hope for a population. This was what Mahatma Gandhi did, this was what Martin Luther king or Nelson Mandela did, energizing a population to work for a cause with hope…..

2014 will go in India’s History as a watershed year, a year where we have an opportunity to prove that, what Nehru and his family said were not necessarily right and there is always an alternative path, a new path for development. 

Let us  embrace it and follow ……..



Girish Nair said...

Great ! Would love to share this too.. in our FB local group page.. BJP PATTOM

Rajesh Menon said...

good. please share girish