Thursday, 12 June 2014

Socio-Economic Terrorism: NGO menace in India:

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The classified intelligence bureau report alleging that certain NGOs (non-governmental organizations) working in India are funded by foreign agencies with nefarious interest,  is a matter of great concern. It was a well-known fact that these NGOs fought government agencies in the name of human rights and environment. It is alleged that they   are actively involved in agitating against projects which positively impact our economic growth whether it is the Vedanta aluminium project or the Kudamgulam nuclear power project. The hard-line environment watch dog Greenpeace is named in the report as one of such organizations working against national interest. It is also alleged that one Dr Udaykumar who spearheaded the Kudamgulam nuclear power agitation was paid a significant amount of money in dollars for his research work in India. A German national and associate of Dr Udaykumar -who was later expelled from the country- was found to have maps of Indian nuclear installations. Well it is yet to be seen on how the Government of India acts to this report.
It has been alleged since long, that a large amount of money flows to India in the name of social service, research work and educational initiatives which are estimated to be more than Rs 10000 Crore per year . The recipients of these funds are organisations formed under various pretext. Either it will be a  local NGO spearheaded by some leftist intellectual  or  India versions of some  fat global NGOs like Greenpeace . Money also flows to religious organizations in the name of social service.  
Now the question is where is the accountability of these funds? What checks and balances that our economic agencies have in monitoring these money flows and its utilization? This is the age of economic terrorism where such fund flows need to be carefully monitored. The nationalistic spirit as seen in the agitations of Bahuguna or medha patkar is significantly absent in the agitations of those so called foreign funded NGOs.

As somebody has said, there are no free meals. If somebody is funding you, it is not for charity, but for business. It is high time the Government of India understands this business model and responds accordingly.


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