Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Crying babies get Milk:

Dear all,

The prime minister''s independence day speech was disappointing to most of the ex service men . According to them the PM did not deliver what he had promised to them during the elections. Yes,  I mean the one rank one pension scheme (OROP) . The TV channels  showed flocks of ex service men predominantly people from Punjab, Himachal and Haryana cursing the PM as a traitor. We all know that it is easy to make election promises but when it comes to implementation , reality strikes. The same is the case with OROP . This is a great idea in principle , but the cost to exchequer is said to be nearly Rs 10000 Crore . Who will bill this ?

Lets now go to Bihar. Our PM has now gone and pledged around Rs 1.3 Lakh Crore for Bihar's development. Well,  I do not know whether the learned people from Bihar will bite the bait or whether they too will have to go for a Dharna later. Time and the election results will speak.

The larger point here is about the culture of freebies and rent seeking  by interest groups. This has been part of India's body- politic since long and  have  made   large Vote banks  .

Is nt  this at the cost of others ? . Guys I am not being  parochial. You go to a  railway station , airport and any Central Government office , don''t you get a larger taste of Hindi, Bihar and the stench from the cow belt. I am afraid I don't see any diversity here. ( except the occasional face of some dark coloured Southees or marathees in the CISF security team at Mumbai airport). I don't have numbers to throw and prove statistics but the point is that there seems to be a  collective bargaining and a reciprocal political blessing based on election needs,  be it from UPA or NDA. ( In fact both seems to be two parts of the same coin). If Bihar can claim Rs 1.3 Lakh crore (if at all it happens ) why not Orissa , Bengal and Telengana. Are'nt  they also underdeveloped. The resource pledging seems to skew unequally over the geography of India particularly away from the  South and East;

Well that is for you to think , but what worries me is on the tax that I pay. I don''t mind that the tax taken from me is given to the right people or if the government comes up with some schemes which percolates my income down the pyramid, but what annoys me is that I don't want my tax to be pledged for votes .

Anyway as somebody said crying babies  always have milk. That is what democracy is for. Jai Hind:



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RAJESH said...

I agree with your thoughts & this is why PM makes his trips abroad and cries!

I think for a change, atleast the tax payers money is going to a state (no matter which) and not into Scams, like the predecessors,,