Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shake In India

Dear all

India’s intelligentsia consists of an equal proposition of liberals, moderates and conservatives. Among them, I was proud to call myself a moderate because  I always tried to advocate a balanced view, away from the leftist lineage of our liberals and the conservatism of the right wing. I believed that extreme positions, be it from the right or left, emanated from an intellectual conservatism which is antithetical to the existence of a complex society as like ours. Hence my strong conviction was moderates occupy a saintly position in our intellectual discourse balancing the extremes.

The current debate on the ‘’Porn Ban”’ made the moderate in me to respond as I found that the frenzied lamentations of  sex starved liberals have gone overboard forcing the  government   hitherto recalcitrant,   backtrack  under pressure . While conservatives feel that porn is against Indian culture and viewing it denigrated and disparaged their value systems, the liberals feel the ban infringed their personal freedom. So where does the moderates fit into. Let us see…

Surveys shows that digital India stands fourth in the world in terms of porn traffic of which 35 percentage comprises of women. The vociferous lamentations of women in the social and print media prove that women too were affected parties and pornography is not just a male thing. So when one conservative from the civil society got his Public Interest Litigation  heard by the Supreme Court the moral police was quick to act and these men and women pulled up their underwear and came crying out against the ban. Victory of the liberals

Pornography and Prostitution are nothing but the software and hardware of a sexual release system developed by human beings to balance out the stress erupting from an unnatural monogamy necessitated on them.

While the former gives a virtual experience the latter gives a real experience to satiate the cardinal desires of millions of men and women on earth. 

Pornography like Prostitution existed from the beginning of society if not in digital format but in sculpture and paintings. However whenever society became conservative they banned it and closed their eyes saying that it does not exist while liberals accepted it as a social necessity. 

Both ways the fact is,  that it is a social dichotomy and an unavoidable nuisance. Inculcating a culture of discipline and control is necessary where instead of banning it, advocating the ill effects of it on our individual and social persona is the need of the hour. This is my moderate view. 

After all along with MAKE IN INDIA we too need to SHAKE IN INDIA.

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