Saturday, 25 June 2016

Triumph of the right wing : Brexit and Roti


The British referendum and India’s NSG endeavours filled the limelight in the mainstream media last week. Britain’s ‘’exit’’ vote and India’s ‘’no entry’’ vote has a larger connotation in the context of national aspirations. From the empire where the Sun never sets, today it a matter of Roti kapada aur makhan for Britain, that they decided to be independent of the diktat and burden of the EU to move,  in  a new direction based on their aspiration. Today they are more concerned about  building up their economy without taking the burden of immigrates . In that context, British vote signifies a right-wing nationalist aspiration.

On the other side, notwithstanding the leg pulling from China, India has made a valiant diplomatic effort in getting an entry into the elite Nuclear Supplier Group. Even though the attempt failed,   this effort leaves behind shadows of diplomatic manoeuvres made by a nation to find a  place among the comity of elite nations:

The former case of BrExit is a turning point in the history of Europe because the significance of a  larger European identity has dwindled. A United States of Europe is still a utopia and what matters is the identity based on  economic interests. If the EU, in particularly Germany and France, did not strive to dictate terms through EU bureaucracy,  probably this would not have happened, However what matters as a lesson to India is on accepting the diversity of its socio-economic landscape and take consensus-based decisions , particularly in the case of GST, rather than resorting to arbitrary actions:

If as a nation we are asking for a due share of global recognition, that is because of the opportunity that we provide as a growing market  .The hullaballoo that we heard in NSG emanates from a sensing of this opportunity by western nations contradicting  to the envy  of our neighbours. Both ways India emerges a winner.

So this week’s lesson is that exiting a group or not being admitted to a group is NOT essentially a failure but a harbinger of success. Both are triumph of the rightwing 


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