Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dear all

The 65th independence day was celebrated with the  Prime minister making some speech on reviving the economy, sending a mission to moon , eradicating poverty, bla bla. At least I was relieved that this man at least spoke on something even though it was from hava. It is a fact that this government has utterly failed not just in bringing in a policy leadership but mainly in creating a lack of  confidence among  our citizens. The two scams namely Telecom and the commonwealth games gotala , the backtracking on FDI in retail, a belligerent budget all added to the  inability of the economic crisis managers in North block has now made us look at this government as a meek and lifeless entity. The violence in Assam is the latest case in point where it  was an eruption of an ongoing tension between the bodos and the immigrant muslims, which as per the media reports could have been prevented if the government was proactive. The weak response to the issues on corruption, black money etc have all make us look that what has independence brouhaha to do, if we have a lame duck government.
Anyway Rashtrapati bhavan is hosting a grand dinner today called Come Home, to celebrate the state of affairs. Wait for an invitation:

Jai Hind

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