Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dear all

Manmohan Singh has made it again in the International media. This time the Washington Post article portrays him as a failure. It is quite interesting to note  that why the US media is on the onslaught against our Sardar. Infact he is credited to be behind the strong strategic and commercial ties that we have with US. So why this transformation from a poster boy of India's reforms to a lame duck Prime Minister. We all sitting in this country knows that Singhsab, is a victim of coalition and party politics and he is  unable to take decisions etc. I also do not deny the fact made by Times and now Washington post , about the deterioration of his credibility, but it need to be understood that the US media's new found onslaught is guided by the growing frustration of the business groups in that country over the uncertainty in our investment climate. Floating Capital in the US , is in desperate search to escape tax in their home country and be invested in the emerging economies as like in India. Being a democratic nation with proven credentials they find that it is safer to invest in India than an autocratic China. However the current political and economic conditions has brought down confidence level leading to frustration which is reflected in this media onslaught.

Anyway sardarji ka pagidi uttar gaya


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