Thursday, 5 June 2014

Modiji, Mane Hindi Avadto Nadi (I don't know Hindi)

Dear all,

An issue which is now being widely debated in the media is about our Prime minister speaking in Hindi with  foreign dignitaries. Shockingly, some channels have reported that some babus have even started typing letters in Hindi.  Now the question is if Mr Modi wanted to speak in Hindi because he is conversant in that language, then it is fine. However, if he is trying to speak in Hindi to prove a point on national identity, it would be wise for him to speak in his mother tongue Gujarati rather than Hindi. This is because one of the major areas of concern and fear about him is the suspicion of his majoritarian-ism be it religious or linguistic. It need to be understood that he has won the hearts of millions in this country not because of his Hindi oratory skills which is exceptionally good, but because of his clarion call for development and good governance upheld and accepted by a large no of Non Hindi speakers of this country.

While an argument  put forward by even his opponents like Sashi Taroor and Deva Gowda , is that the French, Chinese and Japanese head of states speak in their language while engaging in bilateral talk to prove a point on their national identity. This argument does not hold true to India which is essentially a multilingual state with at least 22 matured languages, unlike France or Germany which are single language states. Further Modi represents modernity and youth, where usage of Hindi makes him look parochial. Hence excessive usage of Hindi by Modiji will convey and reinforce his majoritarian mind set which will only strength his detractors. It will also blocks the BJPs inroads into non Hindi speaking places particularly South and north east of India.

Hence it needs to be remembered that sometimes selling a point will result in losing many.

Modiji, mane hindi avadto nadi - ( Modiji I dont know Hindi written in Gujarati)

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