Sunday, 1 June 2014

Trafficking of Children In Kerala: A case of national Importance:

In Nigeria, an organisation called Boko Harem , abducted more than 350  girls , protesting on giving education to those girls who are still under captivity. Here in India, children are abducted for education. Seems strange, but is a fact. Organizations in Kerala under the name of Yatim Khana (orphanage) trafficked more than 200 children from Jharkhand state. They were apprehended in a railway station by police, without any documents and tickets. Telephonic inquiries made to their parents revealed  that the children were lured from them promising education and money  and that too under duress. The police chief who handles the case categorically said that the Juvenile Justice Act has been blatantly violated. The Kerala Home minister whose UDF government strives on the citadels made by the Muslim League cautiously commented that the children could have been taught in their home state and laws have been violated.

Yatim Khanas are traditional Muslim orphanages in Kerala where underprivileged children are given religious teaching. Of late there has been allegations that these children might be radicalized or may have been converted from other religious. While it is too early to conclude to a fact, it need to be seen that whether  religious freedom have been  mis-utilized or if there is any internal security issue . 

With nearly 20  MLAs in the state legislative assembly the Muslim League which controls the UDF government does not give any hope .In fact all muslim organizations including the state minority commission was united against the police for alleging  this  as a case of human trafficking . 

With a flawed notion of one sided secularism as practiced in Kerala, where in minority organizations controls the rank and file  with a skewed social balance between  a majoritarian minority on one side, and left veined minoritarian  majority on the other side, nothing more can be expected from the intelligentsia and middle classes either. Maximum that could be seen will be a left leaning discussion or article on the topic from popular dailies. The home minister will duck and the investigating officer transferred and all is well in secular Kerala.

In the above context, it is imperative that the home ministry take cognizance of this human trafficking, where children were illegally taken and packed in train like cattle and take corrective steps. The national media which are Delhi/North India centric too hope to open its eyes. 

If not we will have a troubled K State in the southern tip as like we  now have one on the northern tip. 


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