Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dear all
The arrest of Abu Jindal with the help of Saudi police is indeed a very great diplomatic victory for India. His extradition to India and has now become a shot in the arm for the Indian investigative agencies. I feel that this response from Saudi  Arabia should be viewd by the change in strategic posture of India due to the close proximity that India has with US agencies and the change in geostrategic postures due to this India-US axis emerging after the declaration of Pakistan among  imbedding Failed states. Pakistan’s release of Sarabjit is also to be viewed in this context

Now the question is how far our legal political system responds. It should be remembered that jindal’s  compatriots are still at large with the big fishes still in Pakistan. With Kasab facing the gallows (hope it happens before he has a natural death) Jindal will be lucky  to enjoy India’s legal and political laxities.


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