Monday, 4 June 2012

Dear all,

The coal  gate scam and the joining   of Anna and  Baba Ramdev is the new news. The two stalwarts have now heated up the media space again . So lot of fireworks and tamashas, and prime time media nightingales chasing team anna and the baba .

Is the Anna Movement an orchestrated public movement.  Of course it had a good beginning when  the youth took  on the mantle last year. But this youth back up make me feel that it was only a chocolate euphoria and since lost its charm. To be more sarcastic, it seems to me that some intellectual Delhiwalas uses a sincere but tactless crusader for their advantage . Attention changes from Lok pal to individual corruption and election issues. The baba seems to have won in getting a synergy from the movement. Somewhere the whole DNA of the movement is lost.....the common man like me and you still searches a leader...
What do you think , DO write and participate


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